about us

about us

Founded in 2001, Tetra Engineering specializes in plant engineering and energy services (ESCo).  Four founding partners have worked actively since 1995 applying their expertise and innovation through deversifying and expanding companies including: Al Fuego Energia,  a company producing energy from photovoltaic system, Trasimeno Luce, an affiliate for managing the public lighting system of the Municipality of Magione (PG) and Telux, an affiliate for managing the public lighting system of the Municipality of Marsciano (PG).

what we do

Tetra Engineering offers professional consultative services for the construction of technological systems, and energy production systems from renewable sources and energy saving. We provide engineering services, as well as construction and management of the plants  operating as an Energy Service Company (ESCo).


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our team

The core of Tetra Engineering Company are the Co-Founders:

Mauro Calzola, Giorgio Latterini, Andrea Paoloni, and Roberto Trovati, who grew up together and were friends since childhood.

Their shared professional path began in 1995.  Tetra Service was created in 1999, and transformed into the Tetra Engineering Company in 2001.

The values of Tetra Engineering are reflected in the co-founders who are  qualified professionals, share the vision of the company, and grew together both personally and professionally.

Mauro Calzola
Administration; Sales
Giorgio Latterini
Renewable energy; Electrical systems; Quality control
Andrea Paoloni
Electrical systems; Renewable energy; Construction site Safety
Roberto Trovati
Technical direction; Fire Safety